Castles and Churches Set 1 (36 Quality Photographs)


Castles and Churches set 1 contains 36 stock photographs in high-resolution Jpg format.  The collection was shot in various locations in England, Scotland and Greece.


This Castles and Churches collection contains 36 high-quality stock photographs.

The collection was photographed at a range of locations in England, Scotland, and Corfu, Greece.

Like all of our stock images, the Castles and Churches collections are in high-resolution Jpg format.  The photographs are all sized at approximately 10″ X 8″.  The photographer retains the copyright to all images but grants a commercial license subject to the restrictions in the attached “terms of use” document.

This collection features images from locations as diverse as Knowlton Church, a ruin reputed to be the most haunted location in Dorset.

Other locations include the beautiful ruins of Arbroath Abbey, best known for the Declaration of Arbroath. The most famous document in Scottish history was a letter to Pope John XXII sent by 39 Scottish nobles, barons, and freemen in response to the renewed ex-communication of Robert the Bruce.

Use of High-Quality Castles and Churches Collections

They are great for use on a website or as backgrounds for composited images or digital art.  Unleash your creativity and have fun with a beautiful collection of images.  We can’t wait to see what you create.


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