Dog Photography: Capture Portraits Of Your Best Friend

Photographs of Your Best Friend

Have you ever considered dog photography?  The people of the UK are renowned as a nation of animal lovers and no animal is more loved than the family dog.  Our dogs are not just our best friends, they are part of the family.  Our dogs give us so much joy and their unconditional love, but unfortunately their time with us is often far too short.

Why not make sure that you capture some professional pictures of your dog and create some memories that will last for your lifetime, not just hers.

Dog Photography Ideas

Dog Photography

When a photographer makes portraits of a human, the aim is always to capture something of the persons personality in the photograph.  Like their humans, every dog has its own personality, so our pet portraits should aim to do likewise.

When a professional photographer takes photographs of people they will spend some time getting to know the personality of their subject.  This is even more important for  a dog photographer.

If a dog is going to be happy during a photoshoot they need to know and trust the photographer.  Spending some time getting to know your dog’s personality isn’t just important, it’s essential.

Dog Photography By Dog Lovers

It should go without saying that if you want to be a dog photographer, you should be comfortable around dogs.  I am a dog lover, and a dog owner.  The photograph on the right shows my Fox Red Labrador puppy (Ruby) taking my Springer Spaniel (Jasper) for a walk.

I have many years experience of owning gun dogs, but that’s not my only experience with dogs.  From 2006 – 2011 I was the officer in charge of the police dog section in Dorset.  As you might imagine that experience means that I am pretty confident around dogs of all shapes and sizes.  

If I am asked to photograph your dogs, you can be sure that they are in good hands.

Pet Photography

Fun Photoshoots For Dogs And Their Humans

Pet Photography

I firmly believe that the best photographs are taken when the subject is happy and relaxed.  Dogs and, to some extent, their owners are usually happiest when they are outdoors having fun.

I love taking pictures of dogs having fun and running free in the great outdoors rather than in the studio.  For many dogs this comes with the added bonus of allowing them to run off a bit of excess energy before taking their photograph.  

Your dog is an integral part of your family, so it’s important to capture some photos of you having fun together.  The bond between dogs and their owners is unique, but as adults we realise that we are likely to outlive our best friend and they won’t be around forever.  

I aim to capture photographs that show that bond and that provide a beautiful reminder of the wonderful time you spent together.

Dog Photography Near Me Or Near You

I am lucky enough to live in a lovely little hamlet south of Dunoon, Argyll, on the beautiful west coast of Scotland.  Near me there are plenty of great dog walks, open land, woodland, hill walks, and beaches nearby where your dog can run free in complete safety.  

As a dog owner and keen walker I am frequently discovering new locations that are suitable for both dog and human photography.  If your “best friend” is less than obedient when off the lead, I have a large enclosed garden where your dog can run free in complete safety.

I am, of course willing to travel to take the photographs near you if that is your preference.

Of course, some dogs are nervous and are not happy running around in the great outdoors, especially if there are other dogs around.  If that is the case with your best friend I am more than happy to take your pet photographs in your home.

Being at home can certainly help a nervous dog to relax when they are being photographed for their dog photography photoshoot.

Dog Photography Near Me

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Probably less than you think.  Prices start at £125 per hour and a two-hour session is sufficient for most dogs

Of course.  Alan has many years of experience with dogs, including six years in charge of a police dog section.  You can be sure that your dog is in great hands.

Having a dog that won’t sit still is nothing unusual.  This usually happens when a dog is overexcited or nervous.  A nice long walk is usually the answer to both issues.  Of course, we will be taking photographs as we go, so you won’t be paying me to walk your dog.

You know your dog best so bring what you would when you are going for a walk.  In addition, some food treats and a favorite toy are great ways to keep the dog’s attention.

Well, it has never happened yet.  Dogs tend to be aggressive if they are frightened or nervous.  We take time to ensure that your dog is happy and relaxed.  Please let Alan know in advance about any behavioral issues that your dog may have.  This will allow Alan to plan your shoot in a way that will ensure that both you and your dog are comfortable.  Should the worst happen, I would view it as an occupational hazard.