Advanced Photography Course Near Dunoon In Beautiful Argyll


As normal I will hold the advanced photography course near Dunoon in Argyll.  The advanced photography course will develop your photography skills in the following:

  • The use of multiple lighting sources
  • Mixing flash and natural light
  • Using scrims, flags, and reflectors to sculpt light
  • Rim lighting
  • Mixing hard, soft, and diffused lighting sources
  • The use of coloured gels in portraiture or product photography
  • Low light and night photography
  • Long exposure photography
  • Light painting
  • Light trails
  • An introduction to efficient Adobe Lightroom workflow

The advanced photography course is a two-day workshop priced at £400.  For a group of 4 people, I can discount this to just £1000 or £250 per head, a saving of 40%.  Should you want to take the course over a weekend I can provide accommodation at £60 per head including full Scottish breakfast, dinner and a light lunch.


My advanced photography course is designed for the photographer who is comfortable using your camera in manual mode.

You will have a good understanding of the exposure triangle and you will understand the capabilities of your camera.  You will be ready to use the camera to create the artistic effect that you are aiming for in its various modes.

You will be comfortable using a single off-camera light and how to modify that light for the desired outcome.  You are competent in the application of the basic rules of composition.

With a good knowledge of the rules, you are ready to break them to realise your artistic vision.

We already understand that photography is first and foremost about the quality of light so in this advanced workshop we develop the techniques that can be used to control that light in a wide variety of circumstances.

We will also consider narrative and aesthetics and how these can be used to achieve a sense of coherence across a series of images.  You will learn how to plan the aesthetic for a photography project as a means to find your artistic style or voice.


Additional information

Advanced Photography Course

Individual one-to-one, Small Group


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