Decay Archive: The Complete Collection 150 Stock Images


The Decay Archive complete collection contains all five sets of our urbex-themed stock images photographed in locations around Europe and the far east. The images are in high-resolution Jpg format and sized at around 10″ x 8″.

This collection gives you 150 stock images for a fraction of what it would cost from Adobe Stock, Getty Images, or Shutterstock.  What’s more, the collection represents a massive 60% saving on the cost of buying the image sets separately.

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The Decay Archive: Complete Collection

The Decay Archive Complete Collection contains all five of our urbex-themed stock image sets collection.  As with all of our collections the images are in high-resolution Jpg format and sized at around 10″ x 8″.

In the Decay Archive Collection, you will find images shot in England, Scotland, Ireland, Turkey, Greece, Thailand, and other far-flung places across the globe.  As with all our image sets the copyright remains with the photographer but you are granted a license to use the images in your own commercial work, albeit with some easy to comply with conditions.

Our aim is to enable and support your creativity, not to stifle it through punitive restrictions.  We want you to have fun creating art.

Use of the Decay Archive Collection

We encourage you to use the decay archives as background material for your composited art.  You can use the images in their entirety or just extract a small part and use it in your own work.  The full conditions of use are included in your download, essentially you can’t resell or republish the images.

What is Urbexing?

Urbexing is simply a portmanteau of “Urban Exploration.”  It’s about finding ruined and abandoned locations and exploring them, and in my case, photographing them.  These collections highlight locations I have visited that range from abandoned cottages, houses, army camps, and in two cases entire ghost villages.

I hope you enjoy these collections, and I hope that you will share some of your creations with us.

Other resources

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