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Our Wee Country: A Culture Under Attack

Belfast Our Wee Country

Our wee country, Northern Ireland, is unquestionably a place of contradictions.  There is an indescribable beauty in our landscape. The coast and glens of Antrim and the Fermanagh lakes can take your breath away.  The gently rolling hills of County…

Solitude or Terrible Isolation?

Solitude or Isolation

Solitude or Isolation?    2020 proved to be the year everything changed. Firstly, the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the world causing the economy to grind to a halt.  Mass infections and a horrific death toll meant that our personal liberties…

With Your Milk Mother: An Exploration of Love & Pain

With Your Milk Mother

“With Your Milk Mother” is a documentary photography project and part of a more extensive project titled “Regarding Family.” Documentary photography is my passion. The exploration of contemporary social issues through photography gives us the opportunity to better understand the…