Cappadocia Turkey: A Magical Land Set 2 (30 Stock Photographs)


The Cappadocia Turkey collection contains 30 stock photographs in high-resolution Jpg format.  The collection was shot in Turkey.

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Cappadocia Turkey is one of the most incredible places that I have ever visited.  The region is a fairytale land made special by the incredible topography.  Situated in central Anatolia, the area is a world heritage site. In this volcanic region, the forces of erosion have shaped the incredible and unique Cappadocian tuff-coned landscape.

For hundreds of years, men have dug into the soft but firm tuff to create dwellings, monasteries, churches, and underground cities.

As you wander through the valleys of the Goreme National Park your breath is taken away by the “fairy chimneys.”  These are rock formations that stretch into the clear blue skies, forming the most incredible shapes.

Balloon Rides in Cappadocia Turkey

If you are ever fortunate enough to visit Cappadocia do not miss the hot air balloon trips.  As the sun begins to rise early in the morning, the stillness of the valleys is disturbed by whooshing noises.  As you look around hundreds of hot air balloons rise from the valleys to greet the day.  It really is the most incredible sight.

Fear not though, if you can’t get to Cappadocia, we bring it to you in this beautiful collection of stock images.

Like all of our stock images, the Cappadocia collections are in high-resolution Jpg format.  The photographs are all sized at approximately 10″ X 8″.  The photographer retains the copyright to all images but grants a commercial license subject to the restrictions in the attached “terms of use” document.

They are great for use on a website or as backgrounds for composited images or digital art.  Unleash your creativity and have fun with a beautiful collection of images.  We can’t wait to see what you create.


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